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With 2021 SCOTT has decided to “electrify” the Ransom model, creating the Ransom eRide. Having this new model available for rent, we tested it, and the result really impressed us!

Technical features

The Ransom is clearly an enduro bikes with its 180mm of travel both front and rear, a 38 fork, FOX elite 910 and Rock Shox Zeb 920, and a double chamber shock absorber. FOX float X2 air performance, mounted in both versions.

Pedaling assistance is entrusted to BOSCH, by mounting the CX performance drive unit with 625Wh power tube battery. One of the most versatile and balanced motors thanks to the four assistance settings and an increasingly “natural” help thanks to the latest softwear updates.

Guide opinion

Although the bike is definitely set to “go fast” downhill, the first positive feeling we have is facing the first climb: the bike responds precisely and correctly to every change of direction, and even in the tightest curves, you always have excellent control, despite the steering angle and riding position.

The descent, its natural habitat! With the available travel and geometry the bike is very stable in the roughest sections. The faster you go the more you feel the stability. Despite the 29″ wheels you have excellent handling even in the tightest curves. It inspires confidence even after the first descent.

You simply must try it out and compare your sensation to ours! Contact our rental shop for additional info and availability.

Classe 1990, co-fondatore di Bike Service Massa Marittima, inizia ad andare in bici all’inizio degli anni 2000, per poi passare alla moto da enduro appena il patentino lo permetteva. Ai 18 anni però si ricorda di quanto bella è la mtb (e la bici in generale!) e torna quindi a pedalare, un po tutte le tipologie di bici, fino ad arrivare ad oggi, in cui attorno alla bici gravita un po’ tutto!

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