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Bosch performance cx line

Together with the arrival of the scott ransom we were able to thoroughly test the characteristics of the bosch performance cx engine.

We already knew the reliability of this power unit, and also the driving sensations it offers both uphill and downhill.

However further improvements have been made; small details that make all the difference such as the emtb mode.

For those unfamiliar with this mode it allows you to have access to a wider power range without having to switch between different modes.

So if we pedal in a delicate way the motor will give an equally delicate feedback. If instead we need a more decisive thrust it will be enough to give more power to our pedaling and the motor, even without changing mode, will react as if we had changed to “turbo” .

Another nice detail is the extended boost. It is the “extra” thrust that is obtained (only in emtb mode) when you give even just a stroke of the pedal. The engine assists us for an extra fraction of a second, giving us the possibility overcoming an unexpected obstacle or tackling it at low speed.

So the bosch engine fully met our expectations! We are delighted to have it aboard the brand new Scott Ransom eride and Genius eride.

Classe 1990, co-fondatore di Bike Service Massa Marittima, inizia ad andare in bici all’inizio degli anni 2000, per poi passare alla moto da enduro appena il patentino lo permetteva. Ai 18 anni però si ricorda di quanto bella è la mtb (e la bici in generale!) e torna quindi a pedalare, un po tutte le tipologie di bici, fino ad arrivare ad oggi, in cui attorno alla bici gravita un po’ tutto!

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